How to recycle

The yellow recycling bin

Using your yellow kerbside recycling bin is a great way to save resources, water and energy. But please make sure that only the right items are placed in the recycling bin. Read our fact sheet for advice on how to 'Recycle Right': 

Fact Sheet - Yellow Bin Recycle Right Fact Sheet - Yellow Bin Recycle Right (618 KB)

The green organics bin

Garden organics recycling is a great way to help our environment. The key to its success is ensuring that the right items are placed in the green organics bin, learn more about how to Recycle Right in South Australia - 

Fact Sheet - Green Organics Bin Fact Sheet - Green Organics Bin (1044 KB)

The truth about cats and dogs (advice on what to do with pet waste)

Waste is part of our lives, including our pets’ droppings. Instead of using your waste bin, read about some greener solutions for disposal. 

Fact Sheet - Pet Waste Fact Sheet - Pet Waste (647 KB)

The truth about plastics

Many of us have been tricked into using the triangular symbol with a number inside to identify what can be recycled. But this symbol is NOT a recycling symbol. It is a plastics identification code used to tell manufacturers what type of plastic the item is made from. 

Fact Sheet - Plastics Fact Sheet - Plastics (332 KB)

Get to know all about nappies

Almost 800 million disposable nappies end up in Australian landfills annually. Families can help to reduce landfill by steering away from disposable nappies and using modern cloth nappies for cost saving benefits. 

Fact Sheet - Nappies Fact Sheet - Nappies (1026 KB)

Avoiding waste this festive season

Our 12 wastes of Christmas fact sheet has been updated. Follow these tips for a more sustainable festive season this year. No media download found.

Recycle Right colouring in competition

Download the colouring sheet that featured in the Sunday Mail. Colour in only the items on the conveyor belt that can be recycled via your recycling bin. 

Fact Sheet - Colouring In Fact Sheet - Colouring In (949 KB)


Download the answers to see how you went. 

Fact Sheet - Colouring In Answers Fact Sheet - Colouring In Answers (446 KB)