Paint disposal

No liquid paint is allowed in any of your kerside bins. Paint should be dried out (leave somewhere safe with the lid off) and once dried knocked out of the tin into the waste bin. After this the empty paint tin is able to go in the recycling bin.

Paint should be dried out (leave the lid off) and knocked out of the tin into the waste bin. The empty paint tin can then go in the yellow recycling bin (if there's a small amount of dry paint left in the tin it won't matter, just remember no wet paint in any bin).


South Australians can also take paint for free disposal at PaintBack locations. Please go to for more information.


For more information about household and farm chemical events held in conjunction with councils visit


Unsure about which bin a specific waste item should go? Visit the Recycle Right Search Engine for information specific to your council or call 1300 137 118. You can also find tips on what to do with items that cannot be placed in your kerbside bins, such as oils, e-waste, light globes and household chemicals. Some of these services are free.