Household Chemicals are not allowed to be disposed of in your kerbside bins.

Chemicals can be dangerous to people and to the local environment.

A free disposal service provided to householders and farmers (not businesses) allowing you to dispose of chemical wastes and paint safely, responsibly and free of charge is provided by Green Industries and is open 9:00am to 12:00pm the first Tuesday of every month (unless otherwise advised - check the website for up to date hours) Cnr Magazine Road and Henschke Street, Dry Creek SA.
Things to do if taking items to the depot:


Tip:1 Labelling

Keep the original label on the container or put labels on known chemicals


Tip:2 Secure

Package securely to prevent spills


Tip:3 Transporting

Transport chemicals in your vehicle’s boot or trailer


Tip:4 Your drop of containers 

Remember that the site does not not empty any containers or drums on-site, so no containers can be returned to you


Tip:5 Double wrap

Place old containers of liquids in a bag or plastic bucket so they do not leak


Tip:6 Group your smaller like items together

For faster unloading place smaller tins in a larger box


Tip:7 Don't get them mixed up

Keep corrosive chemicals, such as battery acid away from poisons


Tip:8 Keep them away from each other

Keep oxidising agents, such as peroxide away from all other materials


What will be accepted

  • Pesticides (including insecticides, herbicides) 
  • Pharmaceuticals Solvents (including paint thinners, turpentine) 
  • Acids and alkalis
  • Liquid paint
  • Varnishes and stains
  • LPG gas cylinders (that hold up to 9.0 kg of gas)
  • Photographic chemicals
  • Batteries (nickel/cadium, mercury, lithium, lead/acid)
  • Motor oil,* coolants
  • Pool chemicals
  • Other household chemicals
  • Fluorescent light globes (including compact fluorescent light globes)

What will not be accepted

  • Any hazardous waste generated by a business, industry or government agency
  • Any household hazardous waste collected for fee or reward
  • Explosives, ammunition and flares (contact your local police station)
  • Asbestos
  • Tyres
  • Empty containers
  • Hardened paint
  • Fertilisers
  • Smoke Detectors
To dispose of these items responsibly, check the Yellow Pages under ‘Waste Reduction and Disposal Services’ or contact the Environmental Protection Authority on 08 8204 2004.
* Many councils have an oil drop off depot. Contact your local council for information or check locations at the Recycle Right website


For more information about household and farm chemical events held in conjunction with councils visit


Unsure about which bin a specific waste item should go? Visit the Recycle Right Search Engine for information specific to your council or call 1300 137 118. You can also find tips on what to do with items that cannot be placed in your kerbside bins, such as oils, e-waste, light globes and household chemicals. Some of these services are free.